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Would You Boost Your Business If You Could Get Working Capital?

Could your business use working capital, but the big banks won't even look at helping you for whatever their reason? David Allen Capital,Inc. is your alternative solution! Why? We specialize in small American businesses with 40 of the best lenders in the industry to assure you will get the best possible solution for situation/circumstance. How is DAC different? 1. No Application Fee or Obligation to accept presented offer. 2. Fast & Easy. Approval in 1 day, & funds within 5 business days! 3. No Collateral necessary. 4. Our partnered lenders want to say "YES". 5. They are cash flow based, not credit score based. Allowing for a 1 time, simple interest cost, so every penny paid back goes directly to principle. 6. $10K to $1mil available, & Short Terms--3 to 24 months. 7. Proven micro-payments that helps the overhead, while building your business while paying it off. No interest rate compounding to bury you! Who else can service your business needs with such integrity & service. Cost? This is a simple interest, 1 time fee customized cost by DAC that includes the simple interest, and is then added ONCE to the determined funds and thereby pay ONCE over time! Would you like to see if you qualify for FREE & NO Obligation to anything. Just go to the link provided, & click on the do you qualify button. Answer the few questions to pre qualify, and if yes, the licensed staff of DAC assigns 1 broker to you, & everything private remains between you and your agent. That link is DAC even has a back up plan/program if you didn't qualify, we can help you get qualified, usually within 4 months... go to this link if that's the case, SERVING CLIENTS; RAISING GIANTS Love to have you here! For Businesses in California, we offer you capital advances to stay in compliance to their laws.

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