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NUTRITIONAL VEGAN SUPERFOOD - The Moringa Oleifera Ultra Fine powder is a calcium-rich pure plant protein. Enriched with more than 46 varieties of antioxidants and 90 types of nutrients. GLUTEN AND GMO-FREE - The Moringa powder is gluten and GMO-free and is enriched in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. IMPROVES DIGESTION PROCESS - Moringa helps in improving digestive health of the body and contains 90 different types of minerals along with 46 varieties of antioxidants. PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN AND HAIR - Vitamin C enriched Moringa Oleifera fights free radicals, thus improves blood circulation and promotes healthy hair and skin. EXPEDITES WEIGHT LOSS - The high fiber content in Moringa slows down the food absorption, regulates blood glucose uptake, and thus speeds weight loss. Highly Recommended For: Asthma Patients - Moringa contains beta-sitosterols in higher content which is effective in treating bronchial asthma. Lactating Mothers - The high iron content in Moringa increases milk supply in lactating women and provides more nutrition for the newborn baby. Diabetes Patients - The presence of isothiocyanates and chlorogenic acid in Moringa helps to regulate the blood sugar level in our body. Athletes - Moringa is rich in iron and functions as a natural energy boosting supplement and a great stress reliever. Get this Premium Moringa Powder from Amazon Now.

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