Goodbye For Online Booking And Farewell To Travel Agencies. Welcome Exceltrip

A new company with a future vision is here to change the way we travel. XCELTRIP will turn upside down the large travel industry as we know it. Invented to change our way we travel today and tomorrow, EXCELTRIP doesn’t only provide Air travel, Hotels and vehicles renting, It also offer them at the lowest prices. With decentralized travel ecosystem, XCELTRIP is the innovator at using Blockchain technologies notably eliminating all necessary extra costs. In other words, XCELTRIP has a future vision which makes it an expert in Blockchain travel solutions. So connect with XCELTRIP for all your travels. OFFERINGS and BENEFITS: Hotels Booking: Access over a million rooms at best properties and best rates. Flight Booking: Get World class service and access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations. Experiential Holiday Packages. Social Travel Experiences. Use your mobile app and get a lot more than just booking a hotel and airline ticket. Get help from online EXCELTRIP manager for your specific travel needs. Every Time You Travel You Earn – Yes, check out our IMP program. For more details GO Furthermore: If you are a Vendor. Hotel, Motel, Bed and Breakfast, Airline, Car Rental Company, Boat Rentals, RV Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, etc. (All things travel and travel related) GO HERE and become a VENDOR to gain in the future of Blockchain and Decentralized Travel with XCELTRIP. For more details GO
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