Appreciating Wine Means You Know Why You Like It!

Hello wine lovers wherever you are! Needy Buys 3 does not sell wine but we promote membership, and introduce you to wines from around the globe. Wouldn't it be fun to get them delivered to your door for free? This can also be a great business opportunity...see Food & Wine at We will also provide you with tools for you to know and appreciate your wine. This will help you when communicating with family and friends. * Enjoying wine means you like it. * Appreciating wine means you know why you like it. * Terroir is about the soil, climate and age of the vine. When choosing wine you should take a good look to see if it is red, white or rose in color. For example Red wine loses color as it ages because the color fades. In contrast, White wine gains color as it ages. Pinoit Noir is a red wine which comes from the Pinot Noir grape, while Chardonnay is a green skinned grape that is used to make white wine. Have you seen people swirling wine in their glass? This is to aerate it and break down the Tannin(The substance that gives you the dry feeling that is left in your mouth). Afterwards, they sniff it to smell the components of the wine, such as the aroma. Finally, they sip the wine to taste the flavor. Did you know our tongue tastes flavors in four different places? So wine lovers, you should swirl the wine in your mouth in these four places to taste the flavors.

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