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Start mining and earning bitcoins for free. I personally do it with my Computers and I literally see the miner increases the bitcoin value as the miner computes the mathematical formula. I cant stress enough how this is 100% free and 100% safe from any virus and that's why I put my name and email and site information in this post. I do it and I want to share that with all of you out there. Bitcoin price is soaring at around $14698 (Fourteen thousand six hundred and ninety eight dollars) as I write this article and climbing rapidly. This is the best opportunity for anyone that has a personal computer/computers to participate and start mining these remaining bitcoins 100% free whether you understand it or not. Join now it’s free at Computta This will download a 100% safe file/miner ( no cost whatsoever) that allows your PC/device to operate the Mining Software. So you may ask whats the catch. Honestly there is no catch you will be using your electricity for sure and you are already using it anyway, so why pass up this opportunity? Many sites want you to pay for mining but I don't see why you should pay when you can get it for free. With "COMPUTTA" its all free. Here I will explain briefly how mining works and the importance and need for miners. Miners of BITCOINS are so important to keep the "Blockchain" intact and never tampered with. Someone has to keep records of these transactions or else no-one would be able to keep track of who paid what. Its the miner that confirms these transactions and write them into the ledger.The general ledger is a long list of blocks known as the "Blockchain". Whenever a new block of transaction is created, it is added to the Blockchain. Here you have an opportunity of a lifetime to mine and create bitcoins(wealth) for free. yes!! 100% free using your computers. Just put it on smart mode and let it work in the background and use you Personal Computers as normal. I was happy to have found COMPUTTA from someone very close to me and I am sharing to the whole world for free. Its my way of being generous and sharing.

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