Mens Build-It Books

Gary F. Hartman Build-it books cover toymaking, Clock building, and building firearms. Five books are available, four are large format, 6.7" x 9.6" gloss cover paperbacks: "Homebuilt Toys", "Homebuilt Firearms", "Homebuilt Clocks" and "Homebuilt .45 ACP Carbine." "Kids' Book of Adventure Projects" is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". "Homebuilt Firearms" describes building a 10 shot .22 rifle with a used gun barrel, and the rest of the parts are made of scrap steel using garage tools, grinder, cutoff disk, files, a wire welder and Bench drill press. "Homebuilt Clocks" details building wall style Grandmother Clocks, antique looking and beautiful.These use an electronic motor which plays the Westminster Chime on the quarter hour and runs a pendulum as well. "Homebuilt Toys" and the ""Kids'" books describe vintage toys and Science projects of wood and recyclables, a Compass made of a tin can lid and block of wood, a vintage 50's wooden train, an airplane made of coffee stir sticks and a grocery sack, a Kaleidoscope, etc. about a dozen toys in all! The books are available for ordering from any local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or off the internet from book dealers.
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