Enjoy My New Youtube Show- Almost 70 Videos!!

Enjoy The Charlie & Ardy Show on You Tube! Charlie sings Imagine, Dream On, and Ain't Talkin' Bout Love and enjoy new and original songs like: I'm A Shark, Rock & Roll Party, No Rain Alright!, Flying Cars, I Thank God For You, A Giggle, A Wiggle and a Jiggle, I Don't Want To Wake Up From This Dream, In Your Right Mind, I'll Kiss You, I Love My Dog and the Horndog Song. I've separated the "G" & "PG" songs into playlists for you. There is also a poem called, I Spent The Day With Puppy that is cute, a motivational video in a French Maid outfit, a relaxation technique for couples, dancing, photo shoots including a Renaissance Faire, Soapbox Race, underwater aquarium adventure, car shows, day at the beach, sand sculptures, and more! Enjoy, give a thumbs up, subscribe and share with friends. Thank you!

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