Great Stocking Stuffers For Sportsmen!

Get your stocking stuffers here, for the outdoorsman, camper, or sportsman. Cut and paste the links to checkout the videos for our complete line of Survival Life products Everstryke Pro - FREE EverStryke Pro New Emergency Waterproof Firestarter: Firekable- Paracord bracelet, Contains the ferro rod and striker in tucked neatly into the bracelet, fits discretely on your wrist: EDT minitool- The EDT Mini-Tool has the tools you need in one convenient, pocket sized product: Hybeam- led flashlight Hy Beam Flash Light: Creditcard knife- - In just seconds, this tool transforms from an unassuming card in your wallet into a fully functional knife: Optic Firestarter- When matches and lighters fail you, this nifty tool will become invaluable to help you start a fire when you need it most: Waterproof match- Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket: Business card- This clever tool is an invaluable little gadget that fits in your wallet serves 11 cool functions: EVAC3- At just over 3-inches in length and .6 ounces in weight, the Evac3 easily fits on your keychain, in your pocket or stashed in your glove compartment. Contains a seat belt cutter, a window breaker, and a whistle: Youtube: I carry all of these in all my vehicles and have a set for my home and office

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